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High school students take a wide variety of courses and have more options to focus on subjects that interest them than in previous years. Typical high school math subjects include Algebra I/II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Calculus; high school science may include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and high school English covers Literature, Writing and Composition, and Speech. High school social studies classes include HIstory, Government, Economics, and Geography, and it’s also when most students start picking up a foreign language. Find resources here to help learn all of these topics, in the format most convenient for you - online classes, learning apps, books, and much more.


The Biology Project: Biochemistry

High School - College | Online resource

This resource has basic information on chemistry, metabolism, enzymes, energy, & catalysis, large molecules, photosynthesis, pH & pKa, and regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. It includes...


The Biology Project: Cell Biology

Cell Biology
High School - College | Online resource

Basic information on cells, mitosis, meiosis, the cell cycle, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, & viruses. This website includes problem sets to test your knowledge.


The Biology Project: Genetics

High School - College | Online resource

This resource has a variety of problem sets on different topics in genetics including monohybrid cross, dihybrid cross, and sex-linked inheritance to help you test your knowledge.


The Biology Project: Human Biology

High School - College | Online resource

This resource has basic information and problem sets on human biology topics including DNA forensics, karyotyping, genetics, blood types, reproduction, and sexually transmitted diseases.


The Biology Project: Microbiology & Immunology

High School - College | Online resource

This resource has basic information and problem sets for immunology topics including HIV, the ELISA assay, Western blotting analysis and case studies designed for advanced students.


The Biology Project: Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology
High School - College | Online resource

This resource contains problem sets for testing your knowledge on nucleic acids, genetics of prokaryotes, genetics of eukaryotes, and recombinant DNA.


The Boomerang

8th - High School | Book

The Boomerang is your boots-on-the-ground master tour guide, intrepidly leading you through the challenging terrain of high school literature. Each month, your language arts field guide: Chooses a...


The Botany Coloring Book

Botany (Plant Biology)
9th - College | Book

The Botany Coloring Book The Botany Coloring Book consisting or colorable drawings and terms, is an especially effective learning device for the study of plant structures, functions and life histories


The Brain: Teaching Modules

High School - College | Online/YouTube video

Video series appropriate for high school, college, or adult learners of psychology, neuropsychology, and occupational therapy.  Covers various aspects of the brain including Alzheimer's,...


The BusinessCourse.com

High School - College | Online class

This course is designed to integrate into your busy schedule by allowing you to learn on-line where you can view the HD video modules on-demand. The course can to be taken at your own pace –...


The Carnegie Cyber Academy

Internet Safety & Security
5th - High School | Online resource

The Carnegie Cyber Academy website provides online safety information and Carnegie Cadets: The MySecureCyberspace Game, an educational game that teaches kids about internet safety.


The Civil War and Reconstruction with David Blight

Civil War
High School - College | Online video/YouTube

This course explores the causes, course, and consequences of the American Civil War, from the 1840s to 1877. The primary goal of the course is to understand the multiple meanings of a transforming...


The Civil War era (1844-1877)

Civil War
8th - College | Online class

The end of slavery. The beginning of a new era. The biggest conflict ever to happen on American soil. What caused the Civil War and how did it change the United States?


The Complete Book of Scriptwriting

High School - College | Book

Here, together for the first time, are the first three Freddy books that Walter Brooks wrote, in a single volume, in the order in which they first appeared. Freddy Goes to Florida (first published...


The Complete Book of Spaceflight: From Apollo 1 to Zero Gravity 1

7th - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

A commanding encyclopedia of the history and principles of spaceflight-from earliest conceptions to faster-than-light galaxy-hopping, Here is the first truly comprehensive guide to space...


The Complete Dinosaur (Life of the Past): James Orville Farlow

High School - College | Book

More than 350 illustrations, including 16 pages in full color Each chapter written by an expert in dinosaur studies Includes the latest dinosaur discoveries New information on the...


The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual: Essential Know-How for Keeping (Not Killing) More Than 160 Indoor Plants

Home & Garden
High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

It’s a whole new world of houseplants, so make yourself at home in it! If you love the idea of keeping houseplants, but struggle to care for them, you’ll find solace and invaluable advice in this...


The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures

7th - College | Book

Profiles all known dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras and beyond. Each main entry has a highly detailed and technically accurate illustration, and...


The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes

Vegetarian Cooking
6th - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

Everyone knows they should eat more vegetables and grains, but that prospect can be intimidating with recipes that are often too complicated for everyday meals or lacking in fresh appeal or flavor....


The Dark Side of the Cosmos

Origins of the Universe
High School - College | Online/YouTube video

This lecture series by Professor Joseph Silk explores the dark side of the cosmos and how the universe began. The most compact objects that shine in the universe are neutron stars. Black holes are...


The Early Middle Ages, 284--1000 with Paul Freedman

Middle Ages / Medieval Period
High School - College | Online video/YouTube

Major developments in the political, social, and religious history of Western Europe from the accession of Diocletian to the feudal transformation. Topics include the conversion of Europe to...


The Electric Guitar Handbook: A Complete Course in Modern Technique and Styles

High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

(Book). Backbeat’s successful Handbook format applied to the world’s most popular instrument. The Electric Guitar Handbook is the latest entry in Backbeat’s best-selling handbook series, combining...


The Electric Guitar Handbook: How to Buy, Maintain, Set Up, Troubleshoot, and Modify Your Guitar

High School - College | Book

This is the first hands-on how-to manual devoted to all electric guitars. This guidebook shows owners and dreamers the basics of selecting and buying electric guitars; maintenance and repairs such...


The Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements
9th - College | Book, iPhone/iPad, Mac OS

The original and most in-depth app about the chemical elements. Experience the building blocks of our universe like never before. A visual exploration Rotate and manipulate any of the 500+ objects,...


The Epigenetics Revolution: How Modern Biology Is Rewriting Our Understanding of Genetics, Disease, and Inheritance

High School - College | Audio CD/MP3, Book, ebook/Kindle

Epigenetics can potentially revolutionize our understanding of the structure and behavior of biological life on Earth. It explains why mapping an organism’s genetic code is not enough to determine...


The Essential Guide to Drawing

6th - College | Book

This bumper drawing guide brings together a range of subjects in one volume. Each section focuses on coming to grips with a particular subject, from portraits to landscapes. The authors clearly...


The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning

7th - College | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Kindle/ebook

What is a fallacy? A fallacy is an error in logic a place where someone has made a mistake in his thinking. This is a handy book for learning to spot common errors in reasoning. For ages twelve...


The Filmmaker's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age: 2013 Edition

7th - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

The Filmmaker’s Handbook is now updated with the latest advances in HD and new digital formats. For students and teachers, professionals and novices, this indispensable handbook covers all aspects...


The First 100 Chords for Guitar: How to Learn and Play Guitar Chords: The Complete Beginner Guitar Method

6th - College | Book, Kindle/ebook

Master Essential Guitar Chords and Establish Good Habits for a Lifetime Discover how to play every essential chord on guitarUnderstand how chords work togetherBuild chord progressions and master...


The Good Grammar Workshop

9th - High School | Book

Strengthen your students' basic grammar skills. Help students practice and reinforce such vital grammar skills as punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, and parts of speech with this...

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