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Online classes are a great alternative to classroom instruction these days. They go beyond lecture videos by including online quizzes or tests to verify that students have truly learned the material, and some have scheduled online lectures or group participation. Find the best online courses here for any grade level and virtually any academic subject, many of which are suitable for high school or college level classes. To see just free online classes, set the price filter to zero.

Acids and Bases

9th - College | Online class

In this section we will be talking about the basics of acids and bases and how acid-base chemistry is related to chemical equilibrium. We will cover acid and base definitions, pH, acid-base...


A Compass for Navigating Professional Challenges

Self-Help   College | Online class

In this Specialization, Professional IQ: Preventing Solving Problems at Work, learners use real-world dilemmas and ethical problems experienced by professionals around the world to clarify and...


Action-Driven Business Plan: From the ‘Classroom’ to the World

Entrepreneurship & Small Business   College | Online class

This assignment asks you, our learner, to pull together all you have learned in the three startup entrepreneurship courses that comprise “Cracking the Creativity Code” specialization. This project...


Addition and subtraction

Addition & Subtraction   3rd | Online class

Learn how to add numbers like 259 + 363. These addition problems are a harder than the ones we’ve done before because they require regrouping (also called carrying).


Addition and subtraction

Addition & Subtraction   1st - 3rd | Online class

In this tutorial, we’ll start adding and subtracting numbers that have two (yes, two!) digits. We won’t be doing any carrying or borrowing (you’ll learn what those are shortly) so you can see that...


Addition and subtraction

Addition & Subtraction   4th | Online class

Fourth grade is the time to really fine-tune your addition and subtraction skills to the point that you can add and subtract pretty much any multi-digit, whole number!


Addition and subtraction intro

Addition & Subtraction   Pre-K - 3rd | Online class

When we add, we put together. When we subtract, we take apart. Numbers used are 10 or less.


Addition and subtraction within 100

Addition & Subtraction   Kindergarten - 3rd | Online class

Learn to add and subtract two-digit numbers within 100.


Addition and subtraction within 1000

Addition & Subtraction   1st - 3rd | Online class

Learn how to solve addition problems by adding ones, tens, and hundreds.

Addition and subtraction within 20

Addition & Subtraction   Kindergarten - 2nd | Online class

All content in “Addition and subtraction within 20”


A developer's guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things   College | Online class

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an area of rapid growth and opportunity. Technical innovations in networks, sensors and applications, coupled with the advent of ‘smart machines’ have resulted in a...


ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students

Mental Health   College | Online class

This course will provide an overview of ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Course participants can expect to learn about ADHD as a developmental disorder that begins early in childhood, and participants...


Advanced Algorithms and Complexity

Algorithms   College | Online class

You’ve learned the basic algorithms now and are ready to step into the area of more complex problems and algorithms to solve them. Advanced algorithms build upon basic ones and use new ideas. We...


Advanced Business Strategy

Business Strategy   College | Online class

Advanced Business Strategy is course 2 of 5 in the Business Strategy Specialization. This Specialization covers both the dynamics and the global aspects of strategic management. With cases drawn...


Advanced Chemistry

Chemistry   High School - College | Online class

A chemistry course to cover selected topics covered in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. Prerequisites:...


Advanced Competitive Strategy

Business Strategy   College | Online class

Advanced Competitive Strategy will introduce new topics and modules with even more real world examples and opportunities for student interaction than in the previous course Competitive Strategy...


Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   High School - College | Online class

Understand the content marketing and social media ecosystems and how these interconnected channels drive search results to a website. Learn how to leverage content marketing and social media as...


Advanced Converter Control Techniques

Power Electronics   College | Online class

About this Course This course covers advanced converter control techniques, including averaged-switch modeling and Spice simulations, modeling and design of peak current mode and average current...


Advanced Engineering Systems in Motion: Dynamics of Three Dimensional (3D) Motion

Force & Motion   College | Online class

This course is an advanced study of bodies in motion as applied to engineering systems and structures. We will study the dynamics of rigid bodies in 3D motion. This will consist of both the...


Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom

Teaching   College | Online class

This course will help you ‘up’ your game and develop the advanced level skills and techniques that elude even some of the most experienced virtual teachers. We will examine the pitfalls beginning...


Advanced Interviewing Techniques

Interviewing   College | Online class

About this Course People interviewing for jobs today often fail because they are using yesterday’s strategies. Recruiting technology has become more sophisticated, and the best employers are...


Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations

JavaScript   High School - College | Online class

Once you’ve taken Intro to JS, go here to learn techniques to help you make multi-scene programs, 3d graphics, button menus, and scored games.


Advanced JS: Natural Simulations

JSP   College | Online class

Once you’ve taken Intro to JS, you can go through this course to learn how to combine JS, ProcessingJS, and mathematical concepts to simulate nature in your programs. This course is a derivative of...


Advanced Linear Models for Data Science 1 : Linear Models

Data Science   College | Online class

Welcome to the Advanced Linear Models for Data Science Class 1: Least Squares. This class is an introduction to least squares from a linear algebraic and mathematical perspective. Before beginning...


Advanced Neurobiology I

Neuroscience   College | Online class

Hello everyone! Welcome to advanced neurobiology! Neuroscience is a wonderful branch of science on how our brain perceives the external world, how our brain thinks, how our brain responds to the...


Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   College | Online class

This course focuses on technical, mobile and social strategies for increasing site traffic. Learn how to build SEO for international audiences through content localization, global team alignment...


Advanced Styling with Responsive Design

Web Design   College | Online class

About this Course It used to be the case that everyone viewed webpages on about the same size screen. But with the explosion of the use of smartphones to access the Internet, the landscape of...


Advanced Summer Grilling

BBQ   High School - College | Online class

Ready to move past backyard hamburgers? Let a pro chef show you how to grill up juicy pork steaks, smoked short ribs, and a spectacular eggplant caponata. Summer is about fresh produce, flavorful...


Advanced Writing

Writing & Composition   9th - High School | Online class

Course 3: Advanced Writing This is the third course in the Academic English: Writing specialization. By raising your level of academic writing, this course helps prepare you for college-level work....


Advance Your Skills as an IT Help Desk Specialist

Information Technology   College | Online class

IT help desk specialists need technical knowledge and strong customer service skills to be able to successfully resolve issues. Improve how you perform system administration and maintenance while...

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