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Youtube Guide for Parents, Online Summer Camps, Why Dutch Kids are Happiest & More: Week's Best Education Links

by Joel

15 Online "Camps" for Summer Learning - Common Sense
Looking for ways to keep kids busy and keep them learning?  Try these sites for kids of all ages!

Research shows lower test scores for 4th graders who use tablets in schools - Hechinger
It might seem like a bad sign for the EdTech movement, but perhaps the kids in this test were a bit too reliant on screen time for learning?  

9-Year-Old Paying Off His Classmates' Lunch Debt Isn't a "Feel Good" Story - Vice
Indeed, while it sounds nice and is an encouraging sign of a well-raised, caring youth, the real story is that so many of his classmates in modern-day America can't afford to eat lunch.  

Teaching Friendship Skills in Preschool - Edutopia
It's never to early to know how to make a keep a friend.  Here are some basics on how to teach preschoolers how to be good friends in language they can relate to.

Right in the Feels

Entire Preschool Learns Sign Language To Welcome Deaf Child - Neatorama
Very cute story out of Dayton, Ohio where staff and students alike went the extra mile (or 10?) to help a little girl feel like "just one of the kids."

Happy Father's Day

What The Best Dads Do To Raise Badass Daughters - Forbes
I'd argue that these points are important for both genders of parent and child, but still some good reminders to: let them know "different is good", teach self-reliance, ask "why" questions, back them up, praise intelligence and work rather than looks, encourage risk-taking, and love them even (or especially!) when they fail.

More in Parenting

Parents' Ultimate Guide to YouTube - Common Sense
YouTube is turning into a wild and wooly place, and it's up to us to help our kids make good decisions on what to watch and how to stay away from content that isn't appropriate for them.  Here's a quick guide from Common Sense Media to get you up to speed.

When Parents Try to Do It All, They Do It Poorly - The Atlantic
It might be impossible to do everything that the medical and child-care establishments (Big Baby?) tell you to do as a new parent. And yet by framing each recommendation as an imperative, Big Baby provides little guidance for how to choose among them when you are constrained.

6 Dutch secrets to raising the happiest kids in the world - Make It
How do they do it? Sleep, time with both parents, a low-pressure environment, self-expression, biking, and...chocolate sprinkles?