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This Week's Links: Moms in Congress, Are Textbooks Obsolete?, and More

by Joel

10 TED Ed Videos for Students - Educational Technology
Some fun videos that tackle kid-friendly topics like "Should we Eat Bugs?" and "Questions No One Knows the Answer To."

Smartphone addiction may harm your teen's mental health - MedicalNewsToday
While not drawing on a huge sample, the results appear to be meaningful - kids who are addicted to mobile phones are more likely to have anxiety or depression.  The causality isn't clear, but it's still worth making sure our kids have a healthy relationship with their electronic devices.

Online resource brings science outreach to a broader audience - Rockefeller University
If you're a teacher, homeschool teacher, or homeschool parent, these high quality resources from Rockefeller University may be right up your alley.  They cover various subjects in Life and Physical Sciences.

Congress has a record number of mothers with children at home. This is why it matters. - Washington Post
History suggests that, predictably, moms in Congress tend to push family issues forward, and with a record number of moms in office, let's hope that trend continues and we see some real progress in policy!

50 Movies to Help You Raise a Kind Kid - Common Sense Media
From Totoro to The Grinch to Shrek, here's 50 movies from which you can be confident that your kid will take good messages.

SAT creators pinpoint 2 most important skills for future success - Business Insider
One of these I guessed, but the other truly surprised me: "basic computer science" (duh) and "the US Constitution."  It seems like there is a definite lack of understanding these days about how government works, so I can't say I disagree - we need kids to be educated on this if they're to make good citizens and politicians in the future.

Bill Gates: Textbooks are "becoming obsolete" - CNBC
Naturally, he sees software as eventually replacing textbooks.  We at Learnamic have to agree, and strides are being made in that direction, but it's far from being a done deal.

3 boys buy flowers for all 270 girls at school for Valentine's Day - KAKE-ABC
Very cute story - we love seeing kids who are proactive and forces for good in their communities!