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How to Build Vocabulary, TikTok Safety, Lying Universities, and More - This Week's Best Links

by Joel

Education Links

7 ways to build your child’s vocabulary - The Conversation
Starting at birth, kids learn vocabulary at a phenomenal rate, and early gains here can predict academic success later.  This article from a childhood literacy expert will help you keep their rate of learning up.

America's Lying And Cheating Universities - Forbes
A provocative article highlighting the focus on profit that is spreading through even public universities and how it's leading them to unethical behavior such as deceptive loan practices, hiding graduation rates, and over-promising earnings potential.

How Parents Can Motivate Middle Schoolers in Academics - Parent Toolkit
The transition to middle school tends to be accompanied with increasing academic expectations, and it can be a shock for some kids.  This article gives insightful tips on how to help your kids get over the hump while still building their confidence and independence.  

Parents' Corner

TikTok Safety Tips - Common Sense
Great guide to the features and settings in TikTok that will help you keep it safe for your kids.

Childhood Behavior Affects How Much Money You Make as an Adult  - Inverse
While money isn't a great yardstick to measure success, the gist is still valid. Watch out for "high inattention" and "low prosocial behaviors" in kids early years - if you can help them curb those behaviors early, it will help them be more successful later in life.

My foolproof plan to have fun this summer—for myself as much as my kids - Today's Parent
"I vowed to have more fun, not only for myself but to prove to my kids that adulthood isn't a one-way ticket to Downertown."

Cute Overload

Dad Films Excited Son Being Picked Up From Preschool Every Day for a Month - Inside Edition
You just gotta watch this one.  So adorable.