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This Week's Education Links: Raising Successful Kids, The Goal of Education, and More

by Joel

I Raised Two CEOs and a Doctor. These Are My Secrets to Parenting Successful Children - TIME
Before you write this off as Tiger-Mom style parenting, give it a chance.  The author's main point is that most parenting advice isn't focused on what's truly important to most of us - giving kids the skills and value necessary to become well-rounded, productive adults, and she has some great tips for that. 

10 ways to raise a good eater - Today's Parent
Tips on not just helping your kid not become too picky, but also to help them develop good habit in choosing healthy foods and limiting junk food.  Good habits can start as early as you're ready to teach them!

This teacher had a student tell her she wasn’t ‘fun.’ Here’s what that taught her about inequity. - Chalkbeat
Touching story about a teacher who was frustrated about her student's lack of punctuality, but when she talked to their mom, she found out why, and that understanding and empathy made a world of difference.  

Children Should Play Outside Alone—Here's How - Outside
Thought-provoking piece by a mom who herself was extremely independent growing up and even went on multi-day excursions on her own.

60 Tools to Inspire Students with Chromebooks - Shake Up Learning
Have a Chromebook?  Here's a great list of apps for all the major subject areas to set your youngster loose on.

Let's Think About Education

How to make high schools better for students - LA Times
Harvard Professor shares a an overview of some of the more successful practices found in high schools today.  Ultimately, he thinks schools need to slow down and give students more time to fully explore topics and do original thinking of their own.

What’s the Goal of Education? - Tom Whitby
A more broad-ranging critique of education today, Tom argues for education getting over itself and focusing more on preparing students for everyday life.

Cute Overload

Pictures of Dogs Catching Treats - PopSugar

More fun

These Facts Will Blow Your Kid's Mind, According to Reddit - Lifehacker