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This Week's Links: Oscar films for Kids, Florida vs Common Core, and More

by Joel

3 Ways to Improve Education about Slavery in the US - The Conversation
A difficult topic, to be sure, but it's time that we helped kids understand slavery, how prevalent it was, and how its impact is still felt today.

New book aims to "re-language" the achievement gap - Boston University
We often talk about an achievement gap that exists for African American children, but the cause of that gap is in their opportunities.  Under-privileged kids don't have the same opportunities, so over time the achievement gap develops.  This book focuses on those opportunities and how they can be more equitably distributed.

2019 Oscar-Nominated Films Good For Kids - Common Sense Media
The nominations are out!  Which movies are appropriate for sharing with your little ones?

University speakers should not be banned for shocking speech - The Telegraph
Written from a UK perspective, but relevant anywhere.  Particularly on US college campuses, speech itself is starting to be seen as physical violence, leading kids to seek out "safe spaces."  We talk a lot about resilience here, and our kids need to be strong enough to know the difference between speech and violence, and to know when speech should just be ignored, not suppressed.

Florida Eliminates Common Core - US News & World Report
11 states have now either re-written or replaced Common Core, while 35 still use it.  As with many things about education, it's unlikely we'll ever see agreed-upon national level standards.

Why You Should Pawn Your Kids off on Their Grandparents as Often as Possible - Lifehacker
You get a little time off, the kids and their grandparents get to bond, and apparently it increases grandparents' longevity to spend time with their grandkids.  Everybody wins!

Arduino and Google launch new Arduino Education Science Kit! - Arduino Blog
If your kids are into robotics and computers at all, you'll want to check out this Arduino-based set of science experiments.

Kindergarten is getting more academic — and the kids are all right. - Chalkbeat
The debate continues...and the academic research continues to stack up on both sides.  At this point, it's still a choice every parent needs to make for themselves and their kids.

Elementary School Creates Club That Commits Random Acts of Kindness - KREM2
Super cute, inspiring video showing a class that created a "Kindness Club" where members help out around the school with each other, younger kids, and special needs kids.  It's always great to see kids this age really looking beyond themselves to see how they can help others.

Want Students to Remember What They Learn? Have Them Teach It. - EdSurge
This is true for kids and adults - if you're going to teach something to others, you have to truly understand it yourself.  Here's some examples of how to leverage that in the classroom.