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Summer Education Deals, Edible Crafts, Common Core Best Practices, and More - Week's Best Links

by Joel

Beat Summer Boredom with Edible Crafts for Kids - Chowhound
From edible slime to tie-dyed eggs, here are 10 unusual, interesting activities to keep kids both entertained and fed over the summer.

Learning Resources

Summer Savings For Your Classroom! - Curriki
Whether you're a teacher or a parent, these deals could help you stock up on supplies for the next school year.

Finding High-Quality Math Tasks Online - Edutopia
Looking to help your student/child with math via online resources?  Read this first.

The Best Toys to Make Your Kid Independent, According to a Montessori Teacher - Lifehacker
Some really interesting recommendations in here, including a "coin box with coins," "spray bottle and squeegee," and a "learning tower."  Who knew that toy selection alone could help a child's sense of independence?

Educational shows for kids that can actually help them learn - Business Insider
Television can indeed be educational!  Check out these legitimately educational shows to help keep your kids engaged without just wasting time.  Octonauts is a personal favorite.

State of Education

10 Best States for Pre-K-12 Education - US News & World Report
See how your state stacks up.

Lessons from 10 California districts as they shift to Common Core math - EdSource
Some interesting findings fro school districts that are moving to Common Core - certain practices, often at the district level can improve outcomes.


How and When to Limit Kids' Tech Use - NY Times
"From 2-year-olds who seem to understand the iPad better than you to teenagers who need some (but not too much) freedom, we’ll walk you through how to make technology work for your family at each stage of the journey."

Kindness Vs. Cruelty: Helping Kids Hear The Better Angels Of Their Nature - NPR
"much of the hard work of cultivating a more consistent kindness in children — especially toward people who aren't like them — falls to parents, teachers, and the rest of us grown-ups."