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Rock Your Homeschool!

by Chelsey Crumrine

Parents who choose to keep their children in public education have a community of school staff and fellow parents when they are in need of support, but what about parents who choose to homeschool their children?

The Facebook group Rock Your Homeschool! is dedicated to providing homeschool moms with that sense of community, and with almost 20,000 members, feeling alone is not an option.

Who You’ll Meet

The RYHS group has been closed to children and men due to safety concerns, but you can like the Rock Your Homeschool Facebook Page or visit their website without joining the Facebook group.

What You’ll Find

Questions and Answers

Topics discussed in the RYHS group vary across a spectrum of needs. From questions about curriculum, sharing resources, what to pay babysitters, and potty-training tips, there isn’t a need that this community won’t help answer.

Mothers are also encouraged to share photos and stories of their students’ academic journey as well as any questions or concerns they may have.

All the administration asks is that content is positive and supportive.

Subject-Specific Posts

Some posts are designated towards various subject matters so community members can share their favorite activities and resources. These posts will have a picture like the one above to guide you towards what members think are the best resources in that subject area.

Tuesday Share and Support

If you have your own blog or resource that you think would be helpful to the members of RYHS, there is a space to share it every Tuesday. Post your content in the comments of this post to ensure that it’s seen by members.

A Rocking Administration

Amy Milcic started RYHS because she wanted to share her fun and exciting experiences homeschooling her five boys and hear how others homeschool.

“I love getting to meet and know homeschoolers,” Milcic said in an interview with Learnamic. “I love how everyone is unique, but we share this common thread of homeschooling.”

Milcic and her administration believe in keeping a safe space for all of RYHS’s members.

“We try to moderate it so it’s supportive and encouraging, and we try to deal with people who are not supportive as quickly and quietly as possibly. We have a wide range of people, and I want everyone to know this is about homeschooling, not about your own agenda.”

Milcic believes in supporting the members of her community, which is why she leads a Homeschool Coffee Talk live Facebook video about once a week for her members to directly ask her questions that she can answer in real time.

After years of homeschooling, Milcic’s advice to parents who homeschool is to be flexible and persistent.

“[Building a curriculum] can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options, and modern-day homeschooling is awesome for that. It’s very flexible and customizable, which is what we love about it.”

Milcic says getting in touch with other homeschoolers can be critical to finding the right homeschooling resources for your students, but to be careful about measuring your homeschool to others.

“I think it’s unique; it’s going to work in different ways for different people. It’s very easy to get caught up in comparison- my homeschool doesn’t look like hers- and that’s okay. It’s your own experience.”

For more guidance on creating your best homeschooling experience, be sure to check out Rock Your Homeschool!