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Fart Jokes and Algebra

by Chelsey Crumrine

Michelle Caskey knows what it’s like to homeschool boys.

With 15 years of experience teaching her own sons, Caskey has some great insight on educating boys.

“Boys need plenty of time to move around, especially when they're young. Boys crave excitement and fun. And they appreciate having at least some opportunities to make choices throughout their day.”

Caskey wanted to use her experience to encourage other homeschooling parents (especially those with boys), which is why she created her blog, Homeschool Your Boys.

Why You Should Read It

Whether your children are boys or not, Caskey’s blog can be appreciated by anyone who homeschools their children.

Caskey’s advice ranges from changing your homeschool start-time to fit a student’s varying sleep-hygiene needs to mixing up the schedule to offer a space that works for your homeschool. She also provides guidance on structure, curriculum, and pieces of education that span beyond academia, like gross-motor skills and engagement.

Homeschool-Your-Boys has more than just homeschooling advice, though. Caskey often writes about overcoming barriers as parents, such as waking up teenagers in the morning and the importance of making time for date nights.

To support homeschooling moms, Caskey shares her tips for finding time for self-care and destressing. Who doesn’t love a reminder to prioritize your needs, too?

What You’ll Love

Author Engagement

Caskey cares about connecting with her audience, which is why she encourages her readers to write in a space she created called What’s Your Story?

Here, you can write about whatever you’re experiencing as you homeschool, whether it’s how to build your curriculum or the strategies you use to engage your students when they are too energetic to focus.

If you don’t want to write about your own experience but still want to connect with the author, leaving a comment on one of her blog posts will likely get you a response.

“I absolutely love it when a reader contacts me to let me know that I've had a positive impact in her life. It's such a blessing when that happens!”

Friendly Advice on YouTube  

Do you want visual examples of homeschool planning? Caskey has a YouTube channel with visual examples to help parents with record keeping, yearly planning, and weekly planning.

Videos with preschool and highschool content are also available on the Homeschool-Your-Boys YouTube channel, but perhaps the greatest aspect of the YouTube channel is that it feels like you’re listening to a friend.

How Caskey Homeschools Her Boys

Caskey has two sons- one 17 and the other 15 years old- and started homeschooling when her oldest was two.

“I honestly wasn't sure if I would be able to handle the responsibility of educating my boys, so we started early for my own peace of mind. By the time my boys were compulsory school age, we were hooked. We loved the homeschooling lifestyle!”

In fact, she loved the lifestyle so much that she started Homeschool-Your-Boys to share her experience.

“I started my blog back in 2007 with a desire to help encourage and inspire the homeschool community- especially moms with boys. Our sons learn so much better when we make an effort to set up our homeschools in a way that meets their needs.”

One might describe Caskey’s homeschool style as flexible, as she emphasizes the importance of finding and teaching material based on your student’s needs.

“Our kids are all unique. Don't feel pressured to use certain materials just because that's what ‘everyone else’ uses. If you take the time to find resources which fit your child's learning style, you and your child will benefit greatly. It's worth taking a little bit of time to research and find something that will fit your unique situation.”

But creating your curriculum is more than just what the student needs, according to Caskey in an interview with Learnamic.

“That depends so much on the ages and number of your children in your family, your financial situation, the amount of time you want to spend putting lessons together, whether you prefer using textbooks or reading real books, etc. You also want to know the worldview of the author of whatever materials you choose.

We have so many options for homeschooling materials that it makes sense to take the time to look for resources that will best serve your family's needs.”

Caskey has material in her store that you can buy and use for your own homeschool and know it was designed with careful intention.

“Creating Learn & Grow, Teach Me About God, and Time Capsule: Medieval England was an amazing experience. It's so much fun to immerse myself in the materials and to come up with hands-on lessons that allow kids to use all of their senses while they learn.”

Out of everything you can find on Homeschool-Your-Boys, it is perhaps Caskey’s love for learning that will inspire you the most.

“My philosophy has always been that it's more important to help our kids love to learn than it is to memorize names and dates.

If our children leave our homes knowing how to learn and also having a desire to learn, they will be much better served than if they graduate from our homeschool without ever wanting to crack open another book.

Learning should be something we strive to continue doing our entire lives! I want to instill that desire and passion within my own sons and within all of the other children who are taught using my materials.”

For more inspiration from Caskey and her homeschool, be sure to check out Homeschool-Your-Boys!