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Do Kids Regress Academically Over the Summer? That, Edu Deals, and More - Week's Best Links

by Joel


5 things parents need to know about ‘summer loss’ - The Conversation
Do kids actually regress in their academics over the summer?  It depends.

7 Surprising Apps Kids Can Use to Chat with Friends - Common Sense
As long as kids have been online, they've been looking for ways to chat without adult supervision.  Here's a guide to some under-the-radar place kids are chatting, and how you can help your kids stay safe when using them.


Teaching reading?  Make sure phonics are part of it - EdWeek
The International Literary Association has officially endorsed the approach, so make sure you're up to speed.

To get kids to care about music education show the cultural and social relevance - Washington Post
A music teacher shares their journey in learning how to engage with kids by bringing their music curriculum "where kids are."

English-Language Learners Are Stigmatized by Teachers - EdWeek
Even when kids have the same English proficiency, teachers tend to assume ELL kids have worse academic skills.  Let's all be mindful of this and correct it when we can.

Policy and Equality

What school segregation looks like in the US today, in 4 charts - The Conversation
While busing no longer exists, segregation in schools still does, and it isn't getting better.  Indeed, the Northeast US has only been getting more segregated since the 70's.  It's time the US cared about quality education for all students, not just their for their own kids.

Gates-funded networks of schools relying on teachers for direction - Chalkbeat
Rather than swooping in with top-down directives, the Gates Foundation is now looking to teachers to help it best allocate its funds.  Smart!

The Purpose of School Is Not to Help Students Escape Poverty - Forbes
Thoughtful piece that points out that it isn't fair to task teachers with helping persistently disadvantaged kids break out of the poverty cycle - society needs to step up to address its own ills and not rely on schools to shoulder the load.  

Education Deals