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Best Education Links for the Week of October 29, 2018

by Joel

A Psychologist Shares 6 Tips on How to Raise a Grateful Child - MyDomaine
This is a challenge I think we all face at some point or another.  Here are some great tips from the author of Making Grateful Kids.

Clever Ways to Save When Your Kid Is Off at College - Consumer Reports
Not sure how you're going to afford higher education for your price and joy?  Here are some often-overlooked ways to save a few bucks specifically for families with kids in college.

Standardized Testing for Homeschoolers - National Review
I present this without commentary as its usefulness depends entirely on your family's goals and education philosophy: The CLT has started to become to standardized tests what homeschooling and the classical-education movement are to public schools: a flourishing alternative for parents and teachers whose vision of learning differs sharply from what goes on in most of America’s classrooms.  

9 Useful Words You've Probably Never Used - Merriam Webster
Some of these are more "useful" than others, but they're definitely some great words!

Why a law school in India is teaching a course on Harry Potter - Quartz
I guess someone had to do it?