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Best Education Links for the Week of October 23, 2018

by Joel

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Fortnite - Common Sense Media
Last week we featured an editorial about Fortnite, and if you still feel a little lost about what it is and what kids are doing when they play it, get up to speed here!

Science of Sport Seeks to Grow Its Impact in STEM Education - Sporttechie
I love this approach - with all the math that goes into analyzing professional sports these days (a stunning amount, even for us math nerds), why not use it as a way to introduce kids to math, statistics, and data analysis?

To Prevent Loneliness, Start in the Classroom - The Atlantic
Young people are among the loneliest of all Americans. Schools that teach kids how to deal with feelings of isolation could help put a dent in the epidemic.

Curiosity Show gets a second chance at life, goes viral on YouTube - ABC
Sometimes it seems like all these DIY STEM-oriented experiments are a recent phenomenon, but the folks of The Curiosity Show were doing it for 18 years starting in 1972.  Best of all, their shows are all now on YouTube so you can check 'em out for free.  It may not be in glorious 4k resolution, but the science holds up!

Sixth-grade hero assures safe crossing for fellow students - Star Tribune
Happy news of the week: what's better than sixth graders serving as crossing guards and protecting other kids?  Well, when one of them literally saves the life of a younger student who was in the path of an oncoming car!