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This Week's Education Links: 2018 Best Lists, Holiday Family Movies, Fortnite, and More

by Joel

Ferlazzo's “Best” Lists For 2018 - Larry Ferlazzo
A prominent teacher-blogger, Larry has collected his best Best Lists into one...Best Best List?  See his picks for best social studies sites, best videos for educators, best ed tech resources, and much more. 

Best Family Movies of 2018 - Common Sense
With the little ones coming up on Winter Break, how about catching a flick or two in between caroling, cider, and yule logs?  Common Sense Media breaks down recent kid-oriented movies with short blurbs about the messages in each and what age range they're suitable for.

The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century - The Atlantic
While the title may be over-dramatic, the point is valid - let's make sure colleges continue to value liberal arts because upper education is about more than just job-readiness.  Wisconsin is already at a historic crossroads.

Reggio approach comes to public schools in Denver - Chalkbeat
This program sounds amazing; maybe I could audit for a year?  Preschoolers there help decide what and how they learn, drawing on their interests, imagination, and environment. Which means trying out adult-style jobs, building 10-foot-tall contraptions, and even talking about death.

Students Say Schools Don't Give Them Skills They Need to Succeed - Edweek
What do students wish they'd learned in high school to prepare them for real-world jobs?  Collaboration skills, self-confidence, empathy, conflict resolution, stress-management, and self-awareness.  Sounds like great prep for marriage, too...

As Fortnite Blows Up, Parents Need to Up Their Game - Common Sense
Some good tips for making sure your kids are playing by your rules and not exposed to anything unsavory.