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Best Education Links for the Week of December 10, 2019

by Joel

Teachers Say There’s a Disconnect in Computer Science Education - EdSurge
88% of teachers believe some sort of computer science is critical for success in the workplace, so why aren't all students receiving this training yet?

Fight for federal right to education takes a new turn - The Conversation
Following up on the article we included last week: The case just filed in Rhode Island...focuses on the civics knowledge and skills that our democratic form of government demands of citizens...My research demonstrated that our founders intended public education to be a core aspect of the “republican form of government” that our federal Constitution demands.

If you want an educational toy for your kids, go old-school - Motherly
Sometimes, the classics are just as good as the latest and greatest - this article points out why toys like blocks, dolls, balls, tricycles, and board games are still super helpful in helping kids develop.

This Memphis teacher wanted to make learning physics more engaging, so he created a website. Now it’s used in 40 countries. - Chalkbeat
Great story about a teacher stepping back and really evaluating how he was trying to teach an often challenging topic.  Now he's sharing what worked with students around the world on his site Positive Physics.

7 Teacher-Tested Elementary Classroom Tips - Edutopia
Quick advice on how to get kids to help clean up, how to keep things clean, how to organize, and more.

How Small Science Is Creating Big Possibilities in Africa - Great Big Story
Inspirational 3-minute video explaining how schools in Ghana are using a $20 "science set" to help kids learn, experiment, and innovate.  We love it!

Foster grandparent program is a win-win - StarTribune
A new type of mentoring program for kids - "foster" grandparents are helping out in classrooms, having fun, helping keep the class on track, and giving more attention and love to the kids who need it most.  Truly a win-win.