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French 1

High School | Book, Online class French 1 provides an introduction to grammatical principles and vocabulary. Their correct usage is emphasized in numerous exercises and dialogues. The course includes the study of the present and...

French 2

High School | Book, Online class French 2 expands on the grammatical principles and vocabulary students learned in French 1. It emphasizes correct usage in context and thinking “in French” through the use of visuals and dialogue...

French (online)

High School - College | Online class American School is pleased to partner with Rosetta Stone to offer the following online French courses.
French 1 (full unit)
French 1 (first semester)
French 1 (second semester)
French 2 (full...

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French: One of the classic romance languages, French has a timeless appeal. Learn it today to impress your friends and make it easier to travel in France.