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ENGL000: Pre-College English

High School | Online class Effective writing skills are necessary for success in college and in your future career. This course is designed to improve your writing ability, which is necessary for entrance into ENGL001:...


7th - High School | Online video/YouTube HippoCampus.org is a free, core academic web site that delivers rich multimedia content--videos, animations, and simulations--on general education subjects to middle-school and high-school teachers...

English 1 (online)

High School | Online class English 1 addresses strategies for reading comprehension, recognition of text structure in exposure and narrative, comprehension of different genres of text, and the steps for writing an essay and...

English 2 (online)

High School | Online class English 2 provides instruction in the competencies for literacy that are essential for responsible citizenship and for success in post-secondary schools and the workplace. This course helps...

English 2, Understanding

High School | Book, Online class Understanding English 2 builds on the foundation in grammar and usage provided in Understanding English 1. In this course students concentrate on improving their style and writing with clarity and...

English 3 (online)

High School | Online class This online English 3 course is a full unit course in which students learn to compose and analyze complex writing, including autobiography, short stories, literary response, and essays (persuasive,...

English 4 (online)

7th - High School | Online class This online English 4 course is a full unit course in which students review grammar basics, write essays, and study selections in English literature from Shakespeare’s time to the modern era. In...

Improve Your English Communication Skills

High School - College | Online class This Specialization helps you improve your professional communication in English for successful business interactions. Each course focuses on a particular area of communication in English: writing...

Language Arts

Kindergarten - 6th | DVD, Online resource This website includes curriculum on K-6th grade language arts. There are mini-lessons with activities and children earn a certificate at the end of each short "course."

Language Arts

Kindergarten - 6th | Online resource Join Stig on his next language arts adventure in EducationCity! This exciting module incorporates storytelling, games, and fun activities to help build a strong foundation in literacy for your...

Language Arts and Writing

2nd - 7th | Online resource Developed by Stanford's Center for the Study of Language and Information, this course helps students develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Using innovative writing analysis...

Online English Tutor

Pre-K - College | Online class, Online resource Select My Tutor is an online platform which connects tutor, students and parents with each other at the same platform. By using our platform students can find tutors for their desired subjects.


1st - 6th | Online resource AdaptedMind offers a customized online reading curriculum that builds comprehension skills, spelling and vocabulary. They offer a one month free trial to all their lessons, games and progress...
$10 monthly

Word Wagon

Pre-K - 2nd | iPhone/iPad Join Mozzarella the mouse and his best friend, Coco the bird, as they play with letters, words, and phonics. As they are learning, Mozz and Coco will play hide and seek, dress up as a ghost, put on...

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